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#20under20: A collection of 20 FREE body weight workouts, done in 20 minutes or less, to get you through the holiday haze.

It’s hard enough to fit in our workouts January-October, but in November and December, it feels next to impossible. The Holiday parties. The traveling. The out of town guests. Fitting in your usual 45-60 minute workout is not even an option. 

That’s why I’ve created #20under20, 20 simple, fat burning at-home workouts, no equipment needed. 

Grab your FREE workouts below.

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What's included:

  • 2 Ab workouts
  • 2 Glute workouts
  • 2 Upper body workouts
  • 2 Lower body workouts
  • 12 Full body workouts.
  • All done in 20 minutes or less!

So while you may not be able to keep up with your normal, "non-holiday" training schedule, #20under20 will keep you consistent, lean, AND still leave you with time to spend with family and friends celebrating. 

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I'm Rebecca, founder of Pure Forme Training. It's my mission to help women learn to be tuned in to their bodies, honor their energy, and to chill out. Nothing excites me more than when a client shares with me that they are feeling stronger, clothes are fitting better, or that they looked in the mirror and LOVED when they saw. Health. Strength. Happiness. That's what it's all about.


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