Balanced Body Guide:

18 Exercises to Injury Proof Your Low Back, Knees, and Shoulders.

If you are approaching 40, or well beyond your 40’s, it’s a safe bet that you have some muscular imbalances that may be causing you daily aches and pains. Nothing to be ashamed of, nor does it mean you need to work harder in the gym. It simply means you might have some muscles that aren’t quite firing when they need to…and other muscles that are working over time. 

Most muscular imbalances are caused by work related tasks, poor posture, or an imbalance in our training. For example, working those quads more than your hamstrings. Or subjecting our already overworked pecs (thanks to all that work we do on the computer) to further chest work (push ups) in the gym.

The Balanced Body Guide will show you the exact exercises, mostly targeted towards smaller (a.k.a. sleepy or neglected) muscles that haven’t seen much action lately, to help injury proof your low back, knees, and shoulders.

What’s Included:

4 Exercises to Strengthen your Core to Support your Low Back.

4 Exercises to Strengthen your Glutes to Support your Low Back.

4 Exercises to Strengthen the Knee Joint.

6 Exercises to Strengthen the Rotator Cuff/Shoulders.

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