The "B" Word

The word “busy” makes me insane when I hear it. And I hear it a lot lately. Everyone is SO busy these days. Crazy busy.  

I get it. And fuck your busy. Erase it from your vocabulary.

You are free to make choices in this world. You decide what to fill your days with (or not with). And to say yes to everyone and everything, ending up with an over scheduled week. You decide what your priorities are each day.

And unfortunately, as women, we feel the need to be and do everything in our families, at work, at our kids schools, and anywhere else we possibly can. Which is awesome! And so incredibly not awesome. If we are busy doing and being everything to everyone, when do we have time to give to ourselves? When do you make your health a priority? And when do you stop feeling guilty or selfish for putting yourself first for just a few minutes each day?

It really should come as no surprise then that when I ask women what they struggle with the most regarding their health and fitness, the answer is almost always, “I’m too busy to workout.” Or, “There is not enough time in the day.” 

Really? No Kidding? Shocker.

First, let’s address the crazy scheduling that is your life. Can you outsource some of your busy? Hire a house cleaner, start receiving a meal delivery service, order groceries online? Or I don’t know, ask your family for help or say “no” to a few things?

Take a few minutes and think about this.

Next, shift your focus to shorter workouts. I used to struggle to fit in a couple of 60 minute workouts each week. My body was unhappy that I wasn’t exercising more, but I was unable to fit in any more of these longer workouts without sacrificing sleep/family/business time. I was stuck on thinking I needed 60 minutes to workout, otherwise why bother. My body was achy and my attitude was no better. I knew something needed to change.

My solution? I ditched the longer workouts and focused on moving everyday for about 20-30 minutes. And sometimes the “workout” was taking the dogs for a walk. Or cardio intervals. Or strength training. Or only 15 minutes of basic core exercises. The point being I moved everyday and it didn’t feel like I had to rearrange my world to fit it in. That amount of time felt manageable to me.

The key here is finding the amount of time that feels manageable to you. 

Why not start with the goal of moving 10 minutes everyday? This could be a few sprints on the treadmill (or outside), or a quick circuit of bodyweight exercises (12 squats, 12 pushups, plank hold 30sec, and mountain climbers for 30sec. Repeat). Or maybe it’s a nice slow yoga flow or foam rolling first thing in the morning. It doesn’t need to be major or time consuming. Just move for a few minutes each day. 

Consistency=A happy body and mind. 

Over time you will find that some days the 10 minutes may turn into 20 minutes or even 60 minutes. It will become a healthy habit that will be high up on your to do list. I guarantee you’ll be more productive, happier, less stressed, and stronger for it.

Ladies, (and the men that may be reading this), none of this is written to make you feel guilty, or lazy, or to belittle your busy. It will hopefully serve as reminder to make the time to move each day, (even if for only a few minutes) and to offer a few suggestions on how to make this happen.

But most importantly to encourage you to continue to be a giver and nurturer. It’s what makes women incredible creatures. Just don’t forget to give some of you to yourself. Nurture yourself.