16 Things I Need Women To Hear. Seriously Ladies, Listen Up

  1. Lift weights. You won’t get bulky or manly. You’ll get TONED and actually see changes in your body composition.
  2. Stop doing so much cardio. A few times a week is fine, but you should be doing more weight training, especially after the age of 35. Reread #1
  3. Stop using the adductor and abductor (inner/outer thighs) machine at the gym. Seriously, just stop. Do a variety of lunges and squats instead.
  4. Eating less and exercising more rarely works for women. I know, it’s what you’ve been told your whole life. It’s ingrained in our brains. Odds are you aren’t eating enough, doing the most effective workouts, and/or overly stressed. Instead of losing weight, you are starving, frustrated, probably causing metabolic damage, and perhaps even gaining weight. Sometimes doing less is better. And sometimes walking instead of burpees is more beneficial.
  5. Exercise is not punishment for eating too much. If you’ve eaten too much, get over it. It’s no big deal. Try your best at the next meal.
  6. Find a way of eating that works for YOUR body and lifestyle. Ignore the “diet” that worked for your fav celeb, sister, or best friend. Be tuned in to how your body feels, how your skin reacts, what your digestion is like, and your mood after you eat. 
  7. Stop fasting, cleansing, and replacing meals with shakes and supplements. It’s not long term. And life is long term. Eat real foods.
  8. Minimize your sugar intake as much as possible. Yes, that includes wine and pumpkin lattes. Just do your best.
  9. Carbs are not the enemy. Your body needs them. How much? I couldn’t tell you. Refer back to #6.
  10. Stop allowing the number on your scale to dictate how you feel about yourself. It’s a number that says nothing about how awesome you are. It’s a number that doesn't represent all the amazing things you have (and will) accomplish in your life. It’s a number that doesn’t change how the people in your life will feel about you (if it does, get those people out of your life immediately). 
  11. Understand your body. Be mindful of what makes it feel good, happy, nourished, energized. And then include more of those things. Be aware of how your energy fluctuates throughout the month. And then perform activities that honor those energetic highs and lows. “Go hard or go home” is stupid. 
  12. Tolerate your body. I’m not going to say “love your body”, but do your best at accepting the imperfections, dimples, wrinkles, and rolls. Practice tolerating your “flaws”. Every day write down 1 thing you enjoy about your body. And keep doing it. Every day. Practice. 
  13. Get good sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, having a hard time falling asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night, talk to your doctor. Lack of sleep will lead to weight gain, lack of exercise, poor food choices, and being feisty as hell.
  14. Chill out. And stop giving a f*ck over stupid shit like what so and so said about you. Or the cleanliness (or size) of your home. Or the number glaring up at you from your scale (reread #10). Or being the perfect mom, wife, partner. You’ll never achieve perfection. Like, ever.
  15. Stop comparing yourself to other women. While you’re at it, stop gossiping and bashing other women. We need each other. More than ever, so join forces.
  16. Invest in yourself. In your career. In your health. In your self care. And by “invest” I am talking about investing money, time, and/or energy. Be as much as you can. And know that you are SO worth it all. You are awesome.

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