The one object in your home that can totally derail your day.

I’m not a fan of scales. It’s a number that can absolutely (and instantly) put us women in a foul mood and make us feel super shitty about all our hard work. And most importantly, they don’t give us the whole picture on what changes are happening in our bodies. For example, the scale may show you a lower weight than expected, but it will not tell you if the lower number is a result of water loss or fat loss. And, muscle is more dense than fat, so if you are strength training and gaining lean muscle mass, you may not notice much change on the scale. 

Another reason the number on the scale isn’t accurate? Our weight can fluctuate throughout the day depending on what we’ve eaten (lots of sodium?), how much water we’ve had, or what clothes we are wearing. I'm sure you've experienced this, you could see one number at the beginning of the day (or even beginning of your workout) and a different number at the end of the day (or workout). SO frustrating, right??

So if we can't measure our progress by stepping on the scale, how can we?

#1: By paying attention to how you are feeling. Usually one of the first changes my clients notice is having more energy or being less achey. Perhaps you are suddenly sleeping better or feeling less stressed. I know losing fat is one of the major benefits to exercise…but honestly, feeling better can be way more rewarding. These good feelings will have a ripple affect on everything else in your life and will probably lead to fat loss anyways!

#2: By how your clothes are fitting. Remember how I mentioned muscle being less dense than fat? This explains why our clothes might start fitting better even if the number on the scale isn’t changing...or possibly going up! 

#3: By comparing before and after pictures of yourself. If you are working out regularly, or have recently changed the way you eat, snap some photos of yourself. Take some straight on photos (in a sports bra and shorts) and one from the side as well. It’s hard sometimes for us to see changes, or even for those we live with to see changes to our body. So go take some pics of your hot smoking' bod right now.

#4: Noticing changes to our training routines. Are you suddenly upping your weight, performing more reps, or completing an entire set of work without needing to take a rest? If so, then it’s a pretty good indicator that you’ve made improvements to your health (and most likely your physique).

#5: Do you find yourself excited to workout? More motivated? This goes along with #1. You’ve clearly made fitness a (good) habit and are staying consistent. And consistency is key to making fitness and nutrition improvements. 

So, how about it? No more scales. No more being fixated on a certain number. You are here to do way more important work than to worry about a random number. So go do it.

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