Your 9 Week Plan

Overhauling your fitness and nutrition routine can feel super overwhelming. With so much noise out there it’s hard to know what type of exercise you should be doing, or if you should be cutting back on carbs, eating mostly fats, upping your protein, or just not eating at all! And then there’s the motivation, “sticking with it” thing. 

As is, we are all so overbooked throughout our day, so trying to add in too many changes at once is never going to work. If you want to make some changes in your health but feel overwhelmed where to start, then keep reading. I created a super simple (and manageable) 9 week plan to help you have more energy, become less achey, shed some fat, gain some lean muscle mass, and just feel awesome.  9 weeks because I don’t do quick fixes. Long term and sustainable is the goal.

Every 3 weeks you will have 2 things to work on. And they will then continue on each week as we add new things to work on.

Weeks 1-3

Start paying attention to your portion sizes. If you need help with determining how much should be on your plate, check out this awesome info graphic from Precision Nutrition.

Up your water intake each day. 1 glass as soon as you wake up and in-between each cup of coffee. Substitute one can of soda (or another non water beverage you drink throughout the day) for water. 8-12 cups throughout the day. 

Weeks 4-6

Walk several times a week. Every day would be ideal, but get a 30-60 minute walk as often as you can. Even 1-2/week is better than none. 

Also during these 2 weeks, make sure you have veggies on your plate at every meal. Yes, even breakfast. Spinach in your morning smoothie. Roasted veggies for lunch. Big bowl of salad or stir fry for dinner.

Weeks 7-9

Add in 1-3 strength training sessions a week.  Again, if you can only manage 1x/week that’s fine. Do what you can. Focus on compound exercises, meaning exercises that use more than 1 joint/muscle. Here’s a sample workout for you. Don’t forget to warm up first! Need some help with your warm up? Check this out. 

Squat to Overhead Press 12

Push Ups 12

Walking Lunges with Biceps Curl 12/Leg

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows 12


Also during this time I want you to cut back on the processed foods. Enjoy foods with as few ingredients as possible. Proteins, whole grains/slow burning carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, lentils), veggies, fruit, nuts.

What do you think? Could you implement these simple steps? Let me know how it goes for you!

With Halloween over, we’ve officially entered the the holiday season. Time spent with families, feeling joyous and grateful, oh, and lots of food. And alcohol. And probably a little less exercise than normal. 

But guess what, it’s fine. 

Here’s the thing about the Holidays. It’s a time to workout when you can and not beat yourself up when extra cookies or cocktails sneak their way into your mouth.

In an effort to help you stay somewhat consistent with your fitness, I created #20under20: 20 FREE body weight workouts that you can do at home, with no equipment, in under 20 minutes. Get your FREE workouts here