Navigating the holidays. One plate, glass, and party at a time.

The Holidays can be tough if you are trying to “be good”, “watch your diet”, “eat clean”, "blah blah", you get what I’m saying. There are cocktails and cookies around every corner. And they’re all calling out for you. *Reminder, just because they are around, doesn’t mean you need to eat and drink them all. So to help you get through the next 2 months of overindulgence, I created some tips to help you navigate the holidays one plate, glass, and party at a time.

#1. Water in between every cocktail. Otherwise you will feel like shit the next day.

#2. Fill your plate with protein, veggies, and fat (cheese/olives/nuts). IF there is any room left on your plate then fill it with just a bit of carb/starch/sugar/etc. 

#3. Fun fact, yes turkey contains tryptophan which does in fact relax you…but stop blaming the poor turkey on your need for a “turkey” nap post Thanksgiving meal. It’s more of a carb coma you’ve put yourself in. Now, I’m not saying don’t eat carbs. I’m saying don’t gorge yourself on them to the point of needing a nap afterwards.

#4. Back to the cocktail situation. Try and limit yourself to 1-2 drinks. Choose drinks mixed with seltzer and lemon, lime, or cucumber. The less sugary mixes the best. And again, refer back to #1

#5. Try and fill up at home before heading out to happy hour or a holiday party. You’ll be less tempted to go overboard and have more control over what ends up in your mouth.

#6. Be a food snob like me. Make sure the foods and drinks you choose are high quality. 

#7. Keep up with your physical activity as much as possible. Eating too much does not mean you punish yourself in the gym later. AND doing an intense workout doesn’t mean you reward yourself with treats. Even a daily walk will do wonders for your body and mind during this cold, dark, hectic (and festive) holiday time.

#8. When the ladies plan a lunch to celebrate the holidays, suggest an activity instead. Take a walk (or hike). Plan an outdoor (or indoor) workout together. (If you need ideas, grab these free workouts.) 

#9. When dealing with the dessert table/cookie exchange parties, be discriminating (a.k.a. #6 be a food snob) Those cookies will make you feel awesome at first, and then you’ll crash. And so the craving cycle begins. So allow yourself to enjoy one good quality treat. I said one, not 3.   

A few other ideas: Add in fermented foods as they help keep those good bacteria in your gut happy and craving less sugar. Get good rest, so you aren’t reaching for or “needing” a sugar pick me up. Practice some straight up willpower. 

#10. If you do in fact go overboard once or twice this holiday season, whatever. Get over it, move on, try again the next day.

#20under20 is still available! Grab your free workouts  here .   #20under20  will keep you consistent, lean, AND still leave you with time to spend with family and friends celebrating. 

#20under20 is still available! Grab your free workouts here#20under20 will keep you consistent, lean, AND still leave you with time to spend with family and friends celebrating.