Inner thighs. Abs. And lifting weights.

I get asked many questions as a personal trainer. But here are 3 that I’ve been asked more than once.

“I want to tone my inner thighs. What’s the best exercises for that?” 

First things first, you can’t spot-reduce body fat specifically from your inner thighs. Where we store the majority of our fat cells is genetically pre-determined. So in order to “tone” those inner thighs, you must first lose body fat all over and then you can focus on strength training exercises that target that area. Make sense? 

And forget the adductor and abductor (inner and outer thigh) machine at the gym. Squats (Goblet or Plie) and lunges (especially side lunges) are a much better use of your time.

“What exercises should I do to lose this belly fat?”

Ahhhh, yep, same start to my answer here as the first one. You can’t spot reduce fat from your belly. Even if you do a million sit ups. Which would just be dumb and your low back would be seriously pissed. And besides, if you really want to reduce fat around your mid section, you need to watch what goes in your mouth AND chill out. For women, stress can show itself as belly fat. If you are already overly stressed and then continue to do high intensity workouts daily, you could actually gain more in your belly. Crazy, right?

Recap, watch your portion sizes. And chill out.

“I know I should be strength training, but I don’t know how or which exercises to do. Cardio is just easier.”

Ladies, I totally get this. Hopping on a cardio machine might seem easier, but strength training is SUCH a better use of your time, and you're short on time, so listen up. Your workouts don’t need to be complicated. My suggestion would be to go to a strength training class or hire a trainer for a few sessions to help get you started and to watch your form.

Squats, lunges, some basic core work, and pushing/pulling exercises. That’s all you need. 12 Reps, 3-4 Sets. Your body will benefit tremendously from lifting weights.

Toned, not bulky. An increase to your metabolism. And less age related weight gain.

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