Short And Sweet

This blog is gonna be short and sweet…like my workouts. If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know I am all about quick, 20-25 minute workouts. My body is much happier with moving every day for a shorter period of time than doing longer sessions a few times a week.

Consistency=Happy Body

And besides I’m much more likely to get my workout in, knowing it’s going to take less than 30 minutes.

What do my workouts look like? Not quite hiit or metabolic conditioning…but a bit of both thrown together with some good ol’ basic strength training. A mixture of compound movements and cardio intervals (jump rope/battle ropes/slams/plyometrics/etc), with little to no recovery in between each exercise. Some days I am fired up, so the recovery is minimal. Other days I need a bit longer in between each exercise. I am #tunedin to my body. So I let it guide me.

I mentioned that my workouts are comprised of compound movements. These are exercises that combine more than 1 joint and 1 muscle. Think squats, lunges, and deadlifts. It can also be a “string” of exercises put together such as a squat to overhead press (one of my favs). These movements require more muscle recruitment which results in more lean muscle gain and more calories burned. It’s efficient. And I love efficiency! 

Side note about efficiency. My morning routine is pretty much a well oiled machine. I can get breakfast for me and the kids, lunches packed, water bottles filled, and a shot of espresso in me within 15 minutes. And these are hot breakfasts and lunches. #allstar 

It’s really probably best to just stay out of my way in the mornings.

Back to my workouts! Besides being efficient and FUN, this type of training is great for a few others reasons:

  • It improves your cardiovascular system. Breathing heavy and running out of breath, forces the heart to pump, becoming bigger and stronger. And with the shorter recovery periods, your heart and lungs learn to recover faster, building stamina and improving oxygen usage. Yay!
  • EPOC, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. What the hell does that mean? Well, during intense workouts, more oxygen is required, eventually leading to an oxygen deficit. At the end of the workout and for a few hours after our bodies are in recovery mode. And repairing muscles requires more energy and oxygen. Sooooo, the fat stored in your body helps to fuel this repair and recovery. And keeps burning all day long, even as you lay on the couch. Awesome!
  • Lean muscle gains! Muscle building hormones are released and testosterone levels rise. And as we age testosterone levels drop. So it’s important to keep lifting weights. Go do it after you're done reading this.

Speaking of short and sweet workouts, I’d love for you to join me in a 2 week program I am launching today.

  • Daily Workouts delivered to your inbox. Minimal equipment required. Done in 20-30 minutes at home or in the gym. Geared to all levels of fitness. 
  • Tips and Tools sent throughout the 14 days on chilling out and tuning into your body.
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