My Music

I love music. I didn’t play an instrument growing up. I dreaded elementary school music class when we had to read or write musical notes. And my singing voice is best heard in my car, alone. Like with the windows up.

But I love listening to music. Jazz, Indie, Chill, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Classic R&B (LOVE!)…there is a place for all of it on my playlists. I can’t workout without music. Literally, I left the gym once because I realized I left my headphones at home…and it was a stair master day. Ha! Yeah not happening.

Music. I love the mood it creates. The energy it can bring to a situation. The feelings it can provoke. The motivation it provides to do one last set during a workout. The confidence to walk into a room and be yourself.

The first album I can ever remember listening to was The Carpenters, Close to You. “They (long to be) close to you” and “I’ll never fall in love again” played on repeat on the record player in my room. 

On Fridays I find myself craving 80’s music.  Why? Well as a kid (growing up in the 80’s), I found Friday nights awesome. Sleepovers, school dances, hanging out at friends houses. And now, as an adult, Friday nights are usually spent on the couch, exhausted from the week. Listening to this music brings back the carefree memories of my youth.

Sundays are for Jazz. We call it Jazz Sunday around our house. And on Mondays, I always post 2 of my favorite songs of the moment on Instagram, #musicmonday 

Music has always been in my life. But even more so when I began teaching indoor cycling a few years ago. If you’ve ever taken a spin class, you know how crucial the playlist is. I would spend hours browsing new songs and remembering old songs. I spent more time doing this than actually teaching the classes! I’d create playlists for my classes, for my own workouts, for happy hours with friends. 

So for something different this week, I wanted to share 2 of my playlists with you. One for working out and one for chilling out. Explicit lyrics warning :)

Got any favorite songs for me to listen to?