You're Too Busy To Count Calories. And That's Okay

In the theme of being “too busy” this week, I wanted to talk about something else that you probably don’t have time for, counting calories…and it’s totally okay. Here’s why: 

  • It’s very inaccurate. Different companies use different methods for figuring out the calorie content of each food. So food labels can vary due to these imprecise calculations.
  • Speaking of inaccuracy, we are human which means we are most likely not not measuring our portions correctly. Plus how do you measure a handful (okay many handfuls) of chips? If you want some help with with portion control, check out this awesome infographic from Precision Nutrition.
  • We don’t absorb all the calories that are listed on each food. For example, we absorb fewer calories than listed for nuts (harder to digest so we don’t absorb all of the calories)…but more calories than listed with fiber rich foods. 
  • Our gut bacteria health will determine how much or how few calories we absorb. Having more of one bacteria versus another will determine how much you absorb. Crazy right? Take care of that gut and take that probiotic everyday!

What can you do instead? Eat foods with as few ingredients as possible. (I wrote about this last week. If you want a refresher on my nutritional non negotiables, read them here.) Whole clean foods, unprocessed, lean proteins, and fibrous veggies. These foods will keep you fuller longer, satisfied, and less likely to over eat. Keep yourself well hydrated. Lift weights. And always, chill the f out. 

Earlier this week, I released some free workouts done in less than 20 minutes. 

Short & Sweet: 5, 10, 20 Minute Workouts

It is still available…so now that you aren’t wasting time counting calories, you have more time to work out! Download your free workouts here

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