My Fitness Non Negotiables

A few weeks ago I wrote about my nutritional non-negotiables. The dietary guidelines I share with my clients and practice myself. Nutritional habits that are beneficial to everyone, like staying hydrated and eating veggies at every meal. Missed it? No worries, you can read it here.

This week it’s all about my fitness non-negotiables. Regardless of your goals or where you are on your fitness journey, these 7 tips will keep you happy, healthy, and fit. And that’s what it’s all about right? Here we go.

  1. Always warm up before you work out. Especially as you get older. Yeah, sometimes my warm up and post workout stretch is longer than the actual workout. #gettingoldisawesome I know you are short on time, but your muscles need to be warmed up to improve their elasticity and ability to contract. Warming up also brings blood flow to the muscles, allowing them to work at their full potential. Need more convincing? Then read this.
  2. Lift weights several times a week (at least 2x/week if not more). Cardio is awesome and leaves us feeling good, but it won’t change the shape of your body. Adding lean muscle mass will though. More lean muscle mass=more calories burned at rest. And, super important stuff here, as we age we begin to lose about 1 percent of muscle each year. Our bodies start to catabolize (break down) muscle faster than it can build new muscle. This loss of lean muscle mass slows the body’s resting metabolic rate, leading to fat gain. No good. So lift something heavy each week!
  3. Foam roll or stretch post workout or any time you feel stiff or tight. I wish more people would practice this. There have been many times I’ve had some low back pain…that was relieved by foam rolling. I’m not promising that your low back pain will be cured with foam rolling…but sometimes our achey bodies just need to be loosened up. We sit so much at work, at home, and in our cars. Muscles shorten, tighten, and getting pissed. Want some more information on foam rolling? Click here and then go lengthen and stretch your body!

  4. Walk every day. And I’m not talking about power walking. A leisurely stroll with the dogs or a friend. Walking does wonders for our stress levels. And we’re all overly stressed. Walk as much as possible. End of story.

  5. Move your body everyday. Any type of movement is great. Which leads me to the next point.

  6. Find exercise that you love to do. This might look nothing like the inside of a gym and that’s okay. It might be a dance class. A pick up soccer game. Whatever it is, you should look forward to doing it. If you love it, you’re more likely to make it a priority and do it everyday. And our bodies were meant to move, not sit all day long.

  7. And finally…what I say every week. Because it is important. And worth saying all the time. Listen to your body. Feeling tired and low energy? Then choose a walk or a yoga flow for your “workout”. There is no point in pushing your body when it isn’t capable of dealing with the stress (exercise is stress) and our bodies know when we’ve had enough of it. On the other hand, if you jump out of bed, feeling fired up then lift heavy, sprint, burpee, be a freakin’ badass in the gym. Your energy will fluctuate (especially if you are a female), so honor it.

Earlier this week I released #nottoobusy, a series of 6 challenging full body workouts that can be done in 20 minutes or less. When I reached out to women, asking them what their biggest struggle was with fitness, the most common response was:

"I'm struggling to fit in a workout" or "I don't have time to exercise"

Aaannd since I can't magical give them more hours in the day, I did the next best thing. I created #nottoobusy

  • 5, 10, and 20 Minute Workouts
  • Cardio and Strength Training Options
  • Minimal Equipment Needed (Light/Heavy Dumbbells)

Let go of the idea that you need to spend 60 minutes in the gym. Want to fit in your workout and have time left over for life? Then click here for your free workouts!