For all the Mamas

Okay Mamas, it's all about us this week-end. Oh, I've turned Mother's "Day" into Mother's Week-end. And you should too. Because we deserve at least a week-end of recognition. We tirelessly take care of everyone and everything. And sometimes we forget about ourselves. SO, read on for some important reminders that are easily forgotten in our daily mommy hustle.

  • Taking time for yourself is NOT selfish. It’s actually very smart. And very necessary to be able to be your best self. Find time each week that is all about you. Take a walk, workout, have a massage, sit alone and stare at a wall if that’s what will recharge you. And afterwards, don’t feel guilty about it.
  • Show yourself the same patience, compassion, and kindness that you show your family. 
  • This is going to be a hard one for you perfectionists out there, but F perfection. Practice letting go of the idea of being perfect, as it doesn’t exist. Your house, kids, job, appearance. None of it is perfect. Nor should it be. And no one, except you, expects it to be. So let it go. And while we’re at it, stop using the word, “should”. 
  • Your body is awesome. Right now. And no, it isn’t the same body you had before you became a mom. And that’s okay. It wasn’t “better” before. It was just different. And it will continue to fluctuate throughout your life. Continue to move your body everyday. And eat your veggies at each meal. Your body does not and will not define you. 
  • Breathe. Stop worrying about everything. Stop stressing over summer camps, birthday party favors, and college applications (or lack thereof!). Stay in the present moment with your kids as much as you can. And yes, this takes practice. Everyday. Find as much chill in your life as you can. And be grateful for every moment.

Happy Mother's Day Week-End!

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