Workout Formula

I have a formula, sort of, for planning my workouts. I’m going to break it down into steps for you. And perhaps it will help you plan your next workout.

1. I tune in to my body. Of course I wrote that. I write that in almost every newsletter and blog. Because it’s that important. How is my body feeling? How much energy do I have. This will determine the type and duration of my workout. More energy, then I might up the intensity of the workout.

2. Next, I choose 4-6 exercises that will make up my workout. The workout is comprised of the following:

1- squat/lunge variation

1- upper body pushing exercise (push-ups for example)

1- upper body pulling exercise (rows for example)

1- lower body hip/glute variation 

1- core/ab focused exercise (plank for example)

*1- cardio burst IF my energy is good and I’m well rested (mountain climbers for example)

The exercises are chosen based on which muscles I want to focus on. I tend to do more hamstring exercises than quad exercises because my quads are much stronger. Overall though, I try and target the entire body in each workout. 

3. When choosing the exercises I also always try and choose one that is more of a challenge for me and 1 exercise that I love and makes me feel like a badass. For example, today was a TRX workout so I chose split squats as my harder exercise and side crunches+pikes for my feeling like a bad ass exercise. 

Why do I do this? I want my workouts to be a challenge BUT also be enjoyable. Yes, exercise (in any form) should be enjoyable. If you don’t enjoy your “workouts”, you won’t consistently do them. And in case you haven’t figured this out yet, consistency=a happy body.

4. Once my workout is planned, I warm up (non negotiable) and will cycle through the exercises for 3-5 sets. The number of sets will depend on my energy and how much time I have to workout.

That’s it! Nothing earth shattering, but it makes planning my workouts easy and quick, gets me moving most days, and keeps my body strong. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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