Snacks on a plane

Snacks on a plane. See what I did with the title there? Anyways, I am currently in Austin, Texas, meeting up with my business mentor Jill Coleman and our mastermind group to discuss all things online business.

Want to know what I packed, snack wise, in my carry on? First things first, I don't fly all that often, but when I do, I always wear a scarf. Which then doubles for a shawl/blanket if need be on the plane. Plus I just love a scarf. Another must have for me is my water bottle. Most airports have a place to fill them up after you've gone through security. And less plastic. 

waterbottle blog.jpg

Yes, I'm that person that prepares a salad at home pre flight. I had made one the night before I flew, so I just cut up extra of everything and made one for the flight. Yep, veggies, even during a flight ;)

RXBar, the only flavor that I've found without almonds or peanuts (allergic). So yummy. Plus the ingredients are right there on the front of the package.

Turkey jerkey from Whole Foods. I didn't actually eat this on the plane..but you never know when you'll be stuck and in need of a protein snack. Always about the protein. And this is seriously the best jerkey I've tried. 

Okay, I totally realize these are not a "healthy" snack, maybe slightly better than chips, but for whatever reason I always eat these when I'm flying. And yes, I ate the whole bag. In one sitting. Which is actually 3 servings. #whatever

Got any favorite traveling snacks I should know about? Please share! 

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