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I’m all about the natural home remedies. Especially when they are easy to prepare and are effective. This week, I’m going to share 2 of my favorites. One is a face toner I make for my kids. The other is my go to “sick tea” for cough, sinus, or just general yuck feeling.

*Disclaimer, I am not a doctor or an esthetician. But I’ve used both of these things many times and they are easy to make and work really well! 

This face toner helps to balance, tone, moisturize, and calm the skin. Plus because of the added honey, has antibacterial properties. Great for teen (or adult acne)!


Apple Cider Vinegar/Chamomile Tea/Honey      

1 Cup Water

1 Chamomile Tea Bag (soothes and calms)

1 Tsp Honey (anti-bacterial/moisturizing)

2-3 TBSP ACV (balances)

Directions: Boil water. Steep tea bag for 10 minutes. Toss out tea bag (in the compost bin!). Add honey and ACV. Pour mixture into a bottle. Will keep for about a month. Dab onto face after washing.

“Sick Tea” is my go to drink when I am feeling sick due to sinus stuff, chest/cough stuff, or for when I am feeling run down.


2 Cups water

8-10 Garlic Cloves (peeled but not crushed)

Lemon/Honey to taste

Directions: Boil for about 15 minutes. Should boil down to about 1 cup of water. Remove the garlic cloves, add a squeeze of lemon and some honey to sweeten. Drink am/pm for at least 3 days. And no, you will not stink from the garlic. And the taste is not bad, especially with the addition of the lemon and honey.

Do you have any home remedies I need to know about? I’d LOVE to hear what they are and give them a try!

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