The Big Picture

You all know the acronym for kiss, keep it simple stupid. Well that’s what I want you to think about this week. Keeping it simple in regards to how we eat and exercise. Big picture stuff.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the little details. We over complicate food and exercise. Which isn’t hard to do with all the (conflicting) information at our fingertips. And so many experts claiming this diet, that supplement, or his/her exercise program will give you the results you want and change your life for the better. 

We get confused as to whether we should be doing hitt, tabata, cardio, or yoga. We wake up tired, sore, low energy, yet we push ourselves in our workouts because that’s what we’re supposed to do. We eat unsatisfying foods because it’s what works according to the “experts”.

We jump from one workout or way of eating to the next without actually tuning in to what our bodies need. 

We are giving too much attention to all the outside noise, that we cannot hear what our bodies are saying. 

If you’ve ever trained with me you know I’m not the best rep counter. It’s not that I’m not paying attention. I am watching form or giving cues on the movement. Okay, or sometimes (a lot of the time) talking about food. But to be honest, getting the exact number of reps in doesn’t always matter. Training for an event or a professional athlete? Then maybe. But for the average person wanting to stay healthy and strong, it doesn’t matter too much. I’m focused on the bigger picture. That you are moving your body in a safe and challenging enough way.

Keep it simple. Focus on that big picture of your health. 

Look at your whole week. Did you stay hydrated? Eat some vegetables? Consume as much minimally processed foods as possible? Did you move your body in a way that felt good, made you feel strong, happy, and energized? If you did, awesome. Keep doing that. 

Most important of all. Chill out. Take the time to focus on breathing, relaxing, and providing your body with as much physical and mental nourishment possible. 

Focus on the big picture that involves the following: 

Less stress

Good sleep


Eating whole foods

Daily movement

Paying attention to how your body feels

The little details, set those aside for now. Keep it simple.


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