Not Seeing Results

Does this sound familiar? You work out most days and usually eat pretty “good”, even skipping desserts most nights. But yet your body looks exactly the same or worse, your clothes start getting tight.

Super frustrating right?

Let’s address why you might not be seeing results even though you’re doing what your “supposed” to do. 6 things to consider.

#1 Your body has adapted to your workouts. And you need to up the weight (or add weights if you’ve only been doing bodyweight workouts)and/or intensity. Could you give more during your workouts? Are you coasting through, kinda out of breath, but not too challenged? If so, try lifting heavier (and decreasing the reps) for a few weeks. Or, switch up the exercises and do more compound movements (moving more then 1 muscle group) like squat to overhead press.

#2 Are you performing too much steady state cardio? Cruising along on your run/bike ride/etc. at the same steady pace. This may feel great mentally, but if you want to see changes in your body composition, then switch to cardio intervals. Think speed it up, slow it down, repeat. OR if you find yourself doing too much cardio and not much strength training, then for sure start lifting something heavy! Your week might look something like this: 3-4x/week strength training and 1-2x/week cardio intervals.

#3 Take a close (and honest) look at your portion sizing. According to Precision Nutrition, portion guidelines for women are as follows:

Protein=1 palm sized amount


Carbs= 1 cupped handful

Fat= Thumb sized amounts.

For more information on what to eat pre and post workout, check out my free guide, #onmyplate It's still available. Grab your copy here.

#4 Have you had your hormone levels or thyroid checked recently? Has your monthly cycle gotten longer or shorter? How are your energy levels? Pay attention to changes in your body besides how your clothes are fitting. All of these things could be affecting your ability to lose fat. #tunedin ALWAYS.

#5 How have you been sleeping lately? Are you waking up rested? Poor sleep can lead to weight gain, poor food choices, and lack of movement. I’ve said this before, but sleep and stress need to be locked down before the training and nutrition come into play!

#6 Are you stressed out? If so, you might want to lay off the high intensity workouts and stick to walking and yoga. I know what you’re thinking…how is that going to help me lose weight? Too much stress=weight gain. Chilling out=happy mind and body. Repeating myself, sleep and stress need to be locked down before the training and nutrition come into play!

These 6 things are certainly not the only reasons you could be stuck, but they’re a great place to start. And some good things to be aware of. If you feel like you need some one on one guidance, let me know! I’ve got a few spots available for online training. Or just have a question you'd like me to answer? Email me here.

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