Decision FOOD Fatigue Is A Thing

I wrote last week about how we make an estimated 200+ decisions each day in regards to eating. That got me thinking…how can we simplify that so we can focus on more important stuff each day? Which then reminded me how several successful people throughout history were known to wear the same outfit each day to eliminate the need of making unimportant decision of what to wear each day.

Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Albert Einstein. Even Obama has said, “You’ll see I only wear gray or blue suits…I’m trying to pare down decisions…I have too many other decisions to make.”

Apparently “decision fatigue” is an actual psychological condition in which a person’s productivity suffers as a result of mental exhaustion from making so many irrelevant decisions. Now I don’t necessarily think that deciding what to put into your body is an “irrelevant” decision, but on some days it does feel like all we are doing is deciding what to eat or drink every couple of minutes. 

What should I eat for breakfast? Where should I eat lunch? What’s for dinner? Is that a healthy snack? And those are just the main decisions! We can break it down into even more decisions. 

What should I put in my coffee? 

How should I prepare my eggs? 

What veggies are going in my salad? 

How much dressing should I use? 

You get the idea. Exhausting. And time consuming.

What if instead we channeled our inner Baracks, Steves, Marks, and Alberts and pared down our decisions when it comes to food. How you ask? Start with choosing 1-2 meals you love eating for breakfast. Meals that fill you up, are doable for your schedule/budget, and make your body happy and satisfied. Then choose 3-4 for lunches and dinners. Choose your #frequentfeasts.

For instance, my breakfast usually consists of duck eggs (when they’re available) or turkey sausage and sautéed spinach. Lunch is a big salad or leftovers from dinner. And I have a small handful of items that I rotate for dinners. A few of my favorites are salmon+veggies, turkey burgers, or tacos. I know what you’re thinking, how boring. I am actually okay (most days!) with eating the same foods often. These are my go-to's, for when I'm particularly busy and don't want to have to decide what to eat. The items are always available in my fridge or pantry. Once you establish your #frequentfeasts you can make variations off of them. My turkey burgers can become meatloaf instead. My lunch salads can differ most days depending on what veggies and protein I have in the fridge. And breakfast may be a frittata if I have more time.

The idea is to establish your go-to’s to help eliminate a bit of your daily decision making. You’ll feel better, find consistency with heathier eating (because you are prepared), and spend less time in the grocery store as you’ll develop your own staples to buy each week. #nodecisionfatigue

Maybe not the most exciting way to eat, but in those times when you find yourself busy with life and need to save your decision making power for more important (life-changing) things, it does the trick.

“Our life is frittered away by detail…simply, simplify” - Henry David Thoreau


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