Night night. Sweet Dreams

If I were to choose one thing for you to focus on and be a non-negotiable in your life, it wouldn’t be working out or even getting your nutrition in check. Any guesses? Okay, the title of this blog should give you a clue! Sleep.

Getting a good nights sleep each night is a non negotiable.


Why? Many of our stress, fat burning, and hunger controlling hormones go through a “reset” each night. If you don’t get enough sleep, your hormones suffer, making it that much harder to lose fat, gain muscle, and control cravings. Think about it, if you sleep well you have the energy to exercise and be active. And you’ll also have a better chance of choosing foods that make your body and mind happy.

Wake up tired and you won’t workout and you’ll be reaching for sugar and carbs all day. #desperateforenergy


Be an adult and get to bed at a decent time. 7-9 hours each night. No exceptions. I know it can feel like all you do is wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and start all over again, but you need to prioritize getting good sleep. I guarantee you will have a much more productive, happier, and energetic day if you get your 7-9 hours. Just do it.  

Where to begin if your sleep health is poor? See my tips below:


*Establish what time you will wake up each day. And don’t deviate from this time by more than an hour, even on the week-ends. Wake up around 6am during the week? Then Saturday and Sunday you should be up by 6:45ish. And no snoozing. #dealwithit

*Establish a bedtime routine. This may include taking a warm bath or shower. Powering down the electronics a good hour before closing your eyes. Dimming the lights. Keeping the room cool. Or sipping herbal tea. Making sure that your bedroom is a relaxing and clutter free space.

*Release the day. In whatever way works best for you. Enjoy writing, then grab your journal and get out all the thoughts/to dos/frustrations from the day. If journaling isn’t your thing, then just sit quietly and visualize your day being let go. Thrown out. Anything that didn’t get done. Things that may not have gone the way you wanted them to. None of it serves you anymore, so just release it.

*Listen to music/Meditate/Read. Any relaxing activity that will help calm the body and mind.

*Try drinking some effervescent Cal-Mag (calcium and magnesium). Magnesium helps our muscles to relax. As with any supplement, check with your doctor first to see if it’s a good idea for you!

IF you are still having sleep issues, I urge you to see your doctor, change your nightly routine, pay attention to what you are doing or consuming during the afternoon. And always, learn to chill out. Waking up tired and sluggish may be common, but it is not normal!

Here's to getting some good Z’s

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