We're Eating Healthy. I Think. I Don't Know.

I want to share 2 stories with you. 

I was working with a client a few days ago and I asked him what he had for breakfast that morning. His gave me is usual response, dark chocolate and almond butter. #nojudgement It’s what works for him in the morning. 

He then proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t sure what to do though because he just read a study that claimed most major chocolate brands were tested and were found to have high levels (those that exceeded California’s limits, which are more stringent than the federal guidelines.) of lead and cadmium. FYI, cadmium is known to cause kidney, liver, and bone damage. And high levels of lead can cause reproductive harm, reduce IQ, and cause neurological damage. 

A few weeks before that a client and I were talking about seafood. I mentioned that my favorite salmon was Atlantic salmon to which she gasped. She then went on to talk about how awful farmed raised fish is. *For the record I buy it from Whole Foods so it is responsibly farmed. Or so they claim.

BUT farmed raised fish and high levels of toxic heavy metals is not what I want to focus on here. I want to focus on the fact that we were both eating foods that are/were considered “healthy” (salmon and dark chocolate), and yet now we’re questioning our choices.


Fun little fact for ya, throughout the day we make 200+food decisions each day, the majority of these we make without much thought. Mostly based on habits.

It’s awesome to have so much information at our fingertips. We literally can look up anything, at anytime and get answers immediately. It’s just that with all this information, so many studies, so much conflicting information, how do we decipher it? How do we make 200+ food decisions each day? Ha! No wonder so many people have no clue as to what to eat each day. One day we're told to eat this, the next day they say don't eat it. Eggs cause cholesterol. Just kidding, eggs are the perfect protein so eat them everyday. Avoid fat. Include fat in your diet. It's mind boggling. 

Here’s my advice to you. And I’ve said this before. 

Choose the highest quality foods you can. Organic when possible. It's not always necessary. Check out this list of the dirty dozen. And I would add dairy and meat products to that list.

Eat as little processed foods as possible. In other words focus your shopping trips to the outer edges of the grocery store. I said focus not eliminate all together. #chipshappen

Read a little less. Ha! In all seriousness, knowledge is power, but with so many studies and food documentaries (which are usually funded by the people that want you to be on their side) it is overwhelming. So I encourage you to really tune into that body and pay attention to how certain foods make you feel. 

Oh and lastly, keep eating dark chocolate and salmon.

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