10 Fun Facts About Muscles

10 Fun Facts About Muscles

  1. You are born with all of the muscle fibers you will ever have. You can’t grow new fibers, but they can grow thicker with strength training.

  2. The smallest muscles are found in your middle ear.

  3. Strongest muscle in your body? The one you chew with, the masseter.

  4. It takes more muscles to frown than to smile…but smiling is better for your overall health, so just smile real big.

  5. Your heart is made of cardiac muscle. And although it cannot be consciously “controlled”, cells within the muscle respond to signals from the autonomic nervous system to speed up or slow down your heart rate.

  6. Similar to cardiac muscle, smooth muscles work automatically (without thought) and are found in the walls of the intestines, stomach, esophagus, and other organs.

  7. Skeletal muscle on the other hand can be controlled by conscious thought and works with the skeleton and bones to move the body. They attach to the skeletal system with tendons (cords of tough tissue).

  8. The body has 600+ skeletal muscles.

  9. Your muscles can pull on bones, but they cannot push them back to the original position. SO, they work in pairs, “flexors” and “extensors”, and they take turns contracting and relaxing to create the push/pull.

  10. Let’s talk dimples, since I was gifted with HUGE ones. There are varying theories as to what causes them. One theory is that they are a result of shorter muscles around the mouth. Another theory is that they are caused by a defect in the facial muscle, zygomaticus major (not kidding). Zygomaticus major is a large muscle on the side of your face. The dimple is believed to be a result of a divide in the muscle…which is normally all in one piece. #crazyshit

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