Being on vacation isn't permission to gorge yourself. Or is it?

One of the first things I do when I know I’m traveling to a new place is to research where I want to eat. No surprise, right? If you know me, you know I love eating. However, I don’t look at the vacation as a time to go hog wild with my eating.  

Why do we feel the need to splurge on food while on vacation? Why can’t we just establish a way of eating everyday AND on vacation that is delicious, nourishing, and completely satisfying? I think we can…with a bit of a mindset shift, a bit of discipline, and NO deprivation. Because #lifeistooshort


First you need to figure out which foods work for your body, and which ones don’t. I know, I say this all the time, but I am convinced that so many of our health issues and daily annoyances (aches, pains, digestive stuff) can be traced back to eating something that our body can’t tolerate. I am in no way saying you need to eliminate gluten or dairy, or anything, BUT I do think you need to start paying attention to how food makes you feel after you eat it. And I encourage you to have a food sensitivity test done (through your doctor) if you suspect something is giving you trouble. Or you could just eliminate one thing at a time (for 3-4 weeks) and reintroduce it…if it’s “trouble” food for you, you’ll notice the symptoms right away.  


Okay, back to vacation! This week I’ve been in Asheville, NC for business and pleasure…it’s the same thing in my world! All the images are what I’ve eaten…so far.


Sharing some tips to help you navigate vacations, not feel gross, but completely satisfied:

  1. Drink water all day. But especially in the morning.
  2. Walk, hike, explore your surroundings as much as possible. Yes, vacations should be relaxing and a break from the daily drudge, but use this time as an opportunity to get up from your desk chair, the long car commutes, the hours long meetings and MOVE YOUR BODY. A casual stroll in a new city can do wonders for your body and soul. 
  3. Prioritize vegetables and proteins. This does not mean avoid carbs! Just make sure you always order some veggies (even at breakfast) and protein (which will make you feel full longer). 
  4. Be a food snob. If you want to indulge in a cocktail (or 2 or 3) or a dessert, be super discriminating with your choice. Look for freshly made treats with quality ingredients. And (now comes the discipline), limit it to 1 “treat” a day. Do you really need dessert after lunch and dinner and at 3pm? Probably not…
  5. Watch your portion sizes. This is a hard one especially if you are eating all your meals out at a restaurant. But you can make dinner out of a couple of appetizers that you share. Or split an entree (which is probably more than enough for 2 depending on where you are eating). If you can swing it, stay at an Airbnb and bring leftovers home for lunch (or breakfast!) the next day. Along those lines, if your place has a fridge, stock up on snacks or easy breakfast items so you aren’t eating out for every meal.
  6. And after all these tips, you still go slightly overboard once or twice, it's no big deal. Vacations are definitely a time to relax, explore, and try new foods, but not an excuse to gorge yourself. Be mindful and enjoy each bite.

Happy Travels!

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