Periodize Your Training

Most of the time I head to the gym with little plan as to what my workout will look like. Sometimes it’s 4 exercises that I repeat 3-4x. It’s more about moving my body than any particular long range goal.

But sometimes it is nice to be a bit more organized. More planned in your exercise programming. A road map. Especially if you are struggling to be consistent or looking to make serious progress. This is when periodization comes into play. Periodization is, “the logical and systemic sequencing of training factors in an integrative fashion in order to optimize specific training outcomes at pre-determined time points” 

Put more simply, it is a way of organizing your training variables (volume, intensity, frequency, rest, tempo) over a period of days, weeks, or months. And it’s a great (and organized) way to achieve your fitness goals while minimizing your injury rate. #signmeup

Other benefits to periodization:

  • Creates consistency (as exercises are often repeated multiple times).
  • No risk of over training. Less risk of injury.
  • A large variety of exercises is not needed to see results.
  • Intensity and volume (# of reps) can both be manipulated throughout the program to achieve results.
  • Focuses more on smaller chunks of time (monthly goals=mini wins which result in more motivation to achieve your bigger goals)! 
  • Efficient. #loveefficiency 
  • Movement mastery!

Beginning on Monday, January 29th, my online group coaching program, #buildandchill begins! I'd love to work with you! #buildandchill is 9 weeks of periodized programming to gain lean muscle mass and reduce stress.

Consistency. Strength. Stressfree. 

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