We Got The NEAT

I talk a lot about going back to basics. Keeping things simple. It’s so easy to get hung up on the latest diet trend, or wanting to try some cool workout you’ve seen on Instagram, or stressing over what and when to eat. 

I want you to hold off on all those sorts of things for a bit and realllllly go back to basics. 

Like basic, basic. 

Basic movement. As in just moving your body each day.

Ever hear of NEAT, as in Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis? It sounds super science-y and complicated, but it’s basically ALL of our daily movement, other than “structured” exercise. Cleaning the house, walking the dogs, walking from the parking lot into work, gardening, even fidgeting. 

Here’s the cool thing about NEAT, this type of movement has been shown to have more of an impact on our metabolism than structured exercise. In other words, killing yourself for 20-30 minutes at Cross Fit (or any super intense workout), then sitting on your ass all day, might not be as good as moving a lot throughout the day, even if the day doesn’t include a “workout”. #backtobasics

Why? Because NEAT contributes to much larger % of our energy expenditure (calorie burn) throughout the day. Which is a huge benefit to our metabolisms. It’s this very reason why you may know someone who is thin/lean who might not “workout” as much as you, but is constantly moving throughout the day.

Our bodies were meant to move! #sittingisthenewsmoking

And it’s this everyday, basic movement that can contribute to a faster metabolism as well as a host of other physical (and mental) benefits.

Now, for all you stuck behind a desk all day, I know, it’s not easy to keep moving. Here are some ideas for you: Standing/treadmill desk. Walking meetings. A brisk walk at lunch time. 5-10 minutes throughout your day to climb some stairs in your office. Parking farther away from your office. Not hunkering down on the couch when you get home. 

Moral of the story, keep moving. And remember, ALL movement counts! 

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