Be A Quitter

I want you to be a quitter. 

I know, “quitting” can have negative connotations. A sign of weakness. Giving up when something gets too hard. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Those hard and uncomfortable things are exactly what we need to grow and lead us to where we’re meant to be.

I’m referring to those things that are draining our energy. Taking us away from the things that really matter. We don’t always need to stay committed to things until the end, especially when they’re no longer serving us or worse, causing mental or physical distress.

Things I’ve quit:

  • Working with a specific trainer that was pushing me way too hard. I came home from our sessions depleted, exhausted, and famished. But I was a trainer! I was supposed to train hard, right? Yet my body hurt. And my adrenals were worse. This is why I’m always stressing that less is sometimes more of what our bodies need.

  • Teaching indoor cycling. My back and hips weren’t happy sitting on the bike several times each week. Plus, teaching cycling was taking time away I could have been helping women in the weight room, which is what I’m more passionate about.

  • Eating certain foods (gluten, wheat, and dairy) that made my body (and mind) feel sluggish, unmotivated, bloated, crabby, and uncomfortable. I quit no longer just feeling “okay”. Many symptoms may be common, but that doesn’t make them normal. And, yes getting older may have it’s challenges, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to giving up on your health and wellness.

  • Grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. I wanted to be able to set the tone for my day, not have something online set it for me. And because no one, including you, needs to check social media or work emails the moment your eyes open. 

  • Hanging out with people that didn’t energetically serve me. This one always sounds a bit harsh, but I made a conscious choice to only surround myself with people that inspire, motivate, entertain, or challenge me. No longer do I spend time with those highly negative people that leave me feeling drained. We’re all busy, so be selective with your time and who you give it to. 

What about you? What things, habits, feelings, or people do you need to quit?

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