I'm a pretty chill trainer, that is until I hear this....

My training style is pretty chill. I’m not yelling at clients to do 10 more reps. I don’t push them hard at every workout. Energetically there is a time to up the intensity and a time to reign it in a bit. And any good and intuitive trainer should know when this is.

My clients freely confess when they’ve splurged on an extra cocktail or dessert the night before. Margaritas and molten lava cakes happen. So they know that I just want them to enjoy them when they do, guilt free, and move on.

But there is one area that really sets me off. Compassion is thrown out the window. 100% completely unsympathetic towards. And completely over. 

The excuse of, “I’m too busy to workout”. 

Buckle up, cause I’m about to get real real here. And because I already feel pissed off just thinking about it, I’m just going to list what I want to say so I can get right to the point.

  1. Busy is a choice. That you make every time you say yes to everyone, everything, all the time. #justsayno
  2. If you are too busy to workout, then you are not prioritizing your health. Which is totally fine, but then you forfeit the right to complain about how shitty you feel, that you wish you could lose some fat, wondering why your sleep is so poor, blaming your age on your weight gain, and wishing you weren’t so achey all the time.
  3. At no time in your life will you win a badge for being the busiest, nor will you be nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award. Like, ever.
  4. You may need to improve those time management skills. I get it, sometimes you’re tired and want to just chill, but choosing to numb out in front of the tv or social media is never going to be a better choice than light stretching, yoga, or taking a leisure walk in some fresh air. And it’s just going to leave you feeling more sluggish, more numbed out, and lazy af. Believe me I know…I’ve numbed out on many occasions…and it never once made me feel more energized (like a walk does). Schedule your workout (even a 5 minute walk!) on your calendar. And do not flake on yourself.
  5. Lastly! IF you truly want to do something, you will absolutely make the time for it. 

If you find yourself saying you are too busy to work out, then you need to change up your idea of a workout. Try a new class, hire a trainer to show you some new exercises, join an adult sports league, dance around your house each night. ANY movement is better than nothing.It’s about finding the movement that your body and mind enjoy.

When you find it, you will also suddenly find the time to do it each day. 

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