10 Things You Should Do Every Day.

I’ve created a list of the 10 things you should try your best and do each day.

I know, another one of those lists. Hear me out, there is nothing whack on it. No Apple cider vinegar shots to start your day or pulling coconut oil through the teeth. (What even is that?)

 My list consists of small (but completely manageable) tasks, done each day, which will lead to an overall healthier and balanced lifestyle. 

Because I want you to feel as good as you possibly can, I’ve created a free journaling prompt page, for you to use each day. #daily1010 Daily journaling prompts to help you establish the foundation to a healthy and happy life. It’s a journaling page that can be started in the morning and finished before bed. Grab your #daily10 here

I’m a big believer in making 1-2 small changes at a time. Why? Because the success rate goes way (way) down the more changes you try to make at once. For example, if you’re starting from a place where you rarely do any of the things on my list, then I want you to choose 1-2 things to implement over the next 2-3 weeks. Settle in…creating healthy and happy habits is a long game. As is life.

Without further ado, 10 things that you should try and do everyday, in no particular order:

Get good sleep. Be an adult and get to bed at a decent time. 7-9 hours each night is ideal. Even on the week-ends. Many of our stress, fat burning, and hunger controlling hormones go through a “reset” each night. If you don’t get enough sleep your hormones suffer, making it that much harder to lose fat, gain muscle, and control cravings. Plus, if you sleep well you have the energy to exercise and be active. And you’ll also have a better chance of choosing foods that make your body and mind happy. Wake up tired and you won’t workout and you’ll be reaching for sugar and carbs all day. Seriously, with a decent nights sleep, you can basically rule the world.

Establish a morning routine. There is absolutely no reason to reach for your phone immediately upon opening your eyes. Give yourself a moment to acknowledge the day. Savor the smell and taste of your morning coffee or tea. Set an intention for the day. Or think of one word that you can come back to throughout the day as a reminder. Make a plan for the day. Or just wake up and say, “It’s a miracle!” like my Dad does everyday.  

Exercise Daily. Sweat, move the body, and lift something a bit (or a lot) heavy. Especially you Ladies. As we age we lose muscle, affecting not only our strength, but also our hormones, bones, posture, and metabolism. Combine this with your morning routine. For example, every morning while my tea is steeping, I hold a 30sec plank. I know, not a full workout, but it gets my core fired up and my blood flowing first thing in the morning.

Keep Learning. Make it a point to learn something new each day. Ask questions. Talk to new people. Travel a different route. You get the idea.

Take a walk. I know, this seems to be the same as #3, but it’s not. This is a leisure walk. A “move the legs and take some deep intentional breathing”, walk. Even 10 minutes will do. Not only will it get you off your ass (sitting really is as bad as they say), but the fresh air will leave you feeling more creative, focused and relaxed.

Eat vegetables. As many as you can. And with every meal. Especially the green ones.

Honor Your Energy. Pay attention to your energy levels. They'll fluctuate daily. Honor when you need to slow down or when you can push a bit harder. This applies to physical and mental energy. Set aside time to recharge when you need it. And you will need it.

Breathe. As in find a quiet moment in your day to just sit quietly. I cannot express the importance of reducing your stress levels.  Although I try to on a weekly basis in my Facebook and Instagram posts! 

Look at yourself in the mirror. And notice one thing that you love/like/tolerate about yourself in that moment. Something about your body. This is a practice for sure. But just do it and just see what happens.

Gratitude. Not a new idea here, but something that has had a pretty significant impact on my outlook. Every day write down (or say out loud) 3 things that you are grateful for. Doesn’t have to be some big grand thing, but rather those seemingly insignificant things you experience in a day that light you up! #dailyjoys That first sip of coffee in the morning. Being greeted by an overly excited dog as you walk through the door. Anything that makes your insides happy. 


Grab your #daily10 here.

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