10 Things I Need Moms to Do and Not Do.

What I want Mother’s to stop doing:


Trying to be the perfect Mom. She doesn’t exist, so stop trying. Just be the best you can…and somedays you’ll probably suck and that’s fine.

Trashing other Moms. We’re all struggling. We all have insecurities. So let’s stop the judgement and be there for one another instead.

Spending all your gym time on the cardio machines. It’s all about building lean muscle mass. And none of those machines will help with that.

Allowing your needs to keep getting pushed behind everyone else’s. Take time for you. Guilt free because it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise you’ll be totally bitchy and resentful to everyone in your family. And no one wants that.

Saying “Yes” to everything and everyone. There is no way we can be it all and have it all…at the same time. You’ll burn out. So learn to say “No” to anything that doesn’t immediately excite you.


What I want Mother’s to do:


Make your (physical and mental) health a priority by getting those yearly check ups (including that movement screen with the physical therapist!), making sleep a priority, reducing your stress as much as possible, and seeing a therapist if you need someone to talk to. #noshame

Tune in daily. To your body. Notice where you are holding tension. Pay attention to those energy fluctuations. Get to know your body.

Appreciate your body exactly as it is right now. Not how it was prior to having kids or in college. It wasn’t better then. It’s just different now. And beautiful, so embrace it. 

Lift weights. Muscle loss is a very real thing that happens as we age. So get to building some right now.

Invest in yourself. In your career. In your health. In your self care. And by “invest” I am talking about investing money, time, and/or energy. Be more than a “Mom”. Be as much as you can.

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