Why do you exercise? Why do you make the food choices that you do?


There is no right or wrong answer. I just want to make sure you have an answer and are super clear on what the answer is.

For me it’s about keeping my low back happy and continuing to maintain as much muscle mass as I can! #aging

It’s not about rock hard abs. Or being able to keep up with the 20 year olds in the gym. And it’s actually not about fat loss either. If my clothes happen to fit better, then it’s an added bonus. But I do it because I want to feel as healthy, strong, and un-achey as possible. 

Not because I think I SHOULD be doing these things. 

Many of us think we should lose weight. We should be working out. We should be watching what and how much we eat. The media (very directly) tells us this everyday. We’re told we could be smaller, thinner, not to bulk up too much, eat that, avoid this. 

Kinda leaving us with no thoughts of our own. Just a whole lotta shoulds.

As a trainer I’ve worked with several women who weren’t ready. And by not ready I mean they weren’t super clear (and focused) on their why. Yes, they shared goals of fat loss and toning up (pretty generic goals btw)…but I could tell they weren’t committed. They cancelled sessions. They asked for advice on workouts to do on their own and what they should eat, but made no effort to implement the ideas. Again, totally cool. 

We hear things at the time we’re ready to hear them.

And these (former) clients of mine just weren’t ready to hear what I had to say. And that is totally okay. Yes, my job as a trainer should be to help guide these women towards their goal, help them dig deep, but if deep down they aren’t clear or ready, then there isn’t much I can do. 

SO! What is it that you really WANT to do? Do you really truly want/care to lose weight?  Again, no right or wrong answer…you just need to be crystal clear on your response. It’s this “why” that will power you through a challenging workout or during a super stressful day at work.

Take a moment to figure out if you are doing all these healthy things because you truly want to…or because you think you should. There is a huge difference. And feeling one way versus the other will either make you super successful or super not.

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