5 S.T.E.P. ’s To Being Tuned In.

My biggest mission as a health and fitness coach is to help women become tuned in to their bodies. 


We hear too much outside noise on what we should be eating, which workouts we should be doing, how we should look and feel, that we’ve become so out of touch with our own bodies natural rhythms, cravings, hunger, and energy.  

Read on for 5 steps you can take to become more tuned in to your body.

Slow Down: Before you rush off to your planned workout. While you’re eating. In the morning. Basically with everything you do. It’s when we slow down that we can give our body some much needed attention. 

Take a Moment: Each day to scan the body. Take note of where you are holding tension. How your digestion is working. To figure out what you need, mentally. Just breathe.

Explore Your Head: By journaling or talking to a professional. Do some self exploration, you know, the deep stuff. Work on your issues, cause we all have them. Let things go. Forgive people. Move on.

Practice: Giving your body some attention. Schedule time for check ups, relaxation, and alone time. And while you're at it, practice gratitude, everyday, to help you keep things in perspective. And to learn to appreciate all those little things, the daily joys.

Silence The Outside Noise: Stop listening to the “experts” telling you what and when you should be eating. Your body is telling you exactly what it needs. Stop listening to the “experts” say you need to push harder and do more to lose the weight.  Because I mean, do you even really want to lose weight? Dig deep, cause you may not want to. You may just think you should. And most definitely stop listening to the “experts” as to what YOUR body should look like. 

Be your own expert. Practice and trust.

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