Action Inspiration

How motivated are you to workout right now? Maybe you put on your work out clothes in the hopes that motivation will come knocking at your door? 

Sorry to say, but you might be sitting there for awhile. The general desire or willingness to workout (or do anything) doesn’t just happen. We have to make it happen, and here’s how.

Schedule your workouts. Literally put it on your calendar as you would any important event…because it is an important event! No cancelling or rescheduling, regardless of how unmotivated you are.

Motivation comes once we’ve taken action, not while scrolling inspiration boards on Pinterest. Getting started is always going to be way harder than keeping it going. So just get started. 

Create your own inspiration by taking action.

Find a warm up routine and stick with it every time you workout. Not only will your body benefit from warming up, it’ll help create a routine. One that requires zero thought. No decisions to be made, nothing to prevent you from starting. Your mind and your body knows exactly what’s about to happen. By the way, if you need some ideas for your warm up, check out the Dynamic Dozen.

Cool, now we’re somewhat motivated, consistent with our work outs, and we’ve created a pretty good routine. But what happens when we start to lose it? Because odds are we will start to lose motivation.


Take note of when you start to lose motivation. Are your workouts suddenly too easy and you’re not seeing any results? Or maybe they’re too hard and you find yourself needing too days off in between to recover.

As humans we like things just challenging enough, but not too challenging. Channeling your inner Goldilocks. Just enough, but not too much. Pay attention and adjust your workouts when needed to prevent feeling completely unmotivated.

Be super clear on your why. Why do you workout? And I don’t want to hear the generic, “because it’s good for me” response. I want you to dig deep here. As specific as possible. 

I work out to keep my low back (and my mind) happy. Years ago I was in PT for low back pain 3x/week (all due to weak glutes). I don’t want to be in that situation ever again. Working out keeps my low back happy. Plus I love the feeling of strength. I love challenging my body to see what it can do.

That’s my why. Figure out yours!  

Use visualization. When I was leading indoor cycling classes, I always reminded my riders to visualize themselves at the end of class. Sweaty, proud, feeling tired but energized. Focusing on those post workout good vibes, both physically and mentally, will surely get you started…and getting through a tough workout. I want you to see yourself at the end of the workout. How do you look? How are you feeling? 

Record those wins! The mini wins that remind us that what we’re doing is making a difference. And remember, they don't have to be huge goal achieving victories! Write them all down and hang it somewhere you can see it everyday.  

Just did 1 more pull up than you were able to last week, win

Up the weight on your chest press, win

Run a full mile without stopping, win

Made it to the gym 3x in a week, win

I want to hear from you. How do you stay motivated? I’d love to know! 

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