What We Want All Women To Know/Do.

If you’ve never read one of my blogs before, that’s cool. HOWEVER, this is the one you need to read. Especially if you’re a woman. 

I reached out to 10 of my favorite female fitness professionals and asked them this question,

“What is one thing you wish women would know and/or do?”

The responses I got back are (unsurprisingly) incredible. Like, goose bump giving, head shaking in agreement, awesome reminder, kind of answers.

And I’m SO excited to share them with you. 

By the way, if you aren’t following these women, you should be (Click on their names to find out what they're all about). They possess a wealth of knowledge and are an endless source of inspiration. I am forever grateful to have them in my life. XO Rebecca

"I wish women would stop treating their body like it’s a series of separate parts that need work, like, “I have to get rid of these saddle bags, and I have to burn fat from here, and get tighter here.” 
I wish they’d start viewing their body as a whole, and make assessment that way, showing themselves compassion along the way: “I’m still working on my fitness but hey, I’m pretty strong and this body has been through a lot and look at what it can do, and I’m pretty badass.” You don’t have to be satisfied all the time, but you do have to have moments of gratitude and seeing yourself as a whole person of value FIRST versus a series of parts that need fixing. 
At least for me, this mental shift made all the difference in first, how I viewed myself (positive versus negative) and surprisingly how consistent I became. I trained because I loved myself not because I hated my body."
 -Jill Coleman, JillFit

I wish all women would know that their worth doesn't come from their pants size, what they ate for dinner last night, or how many miles they have logged on the treadmill
That they are breathtakingly beautiful by virtue of their unique inner qualities, not the outer vessel those qualities come packaged in. 
That they don't have to spend the precious hours of their one life seeking to shrink and fit in, because what the world needs is for them to stand up and speak out. 
-Shohreh Davoodi, Glitter and Grit

I wish we weren’t so good at multitasking. As women we are masters at getting a million things done in a single day and I believe that if we gave ourselves permission to do less every now and then, we would open the doors for more love to pour back into our cups. So I guess the one thing I wish we did, would be to do a little less. 
-Jamie Lynn Guzzi, Jamie Lynn Fitness

We never need to earn validation from another. I know so many of us were raised to please and so when we don’t, we have so much guilt.
No one knows better than us how powerful we can be and where we can best use that power to change the world.
The sad thing is so many of us are exhausted from trying to “do the right things” that we never get the chance to step into that power.
My wish is that all women make the space in their lives to allow their true power to shine through and be the true light they are.
Cari Li Dillard, Coach Cari Li

Gosh, I could write a long list to answer this question! 
First and foremost, we as women are so dang hard on ourselves. And what we fail to remember, or maybe even recognize, is that our healthiest body will not look like someone else's healthiest body - and to me, that is the best part. We are uniquely beautiful and different physiologically and biochemically so what works for you, might not work for me, and vice versa. 
Find what drives you to move, nourish, and take care of your body, embody how that makes you feel, and embrace where your body is today. 
Oh yeah, and be grateful for all it is capable of - especially the fact that it has carried you through all the radical life changes you've experienced in life thus far - because life can be f'ing hard at times and you're alive, girl!
And if I could share a second thought, it would be to choose high-quality supplements when adding them to your diet (I have a few nutrients I highly recommend, especially for women under 45 and one day thinking they'd like to conceive). There are hundreds of options for vitamins and supplements and not all are created equal or are dissolved, absorbed and utilized by the body. The first step, look for a "USP" designation (U.S. Pharmacopeia) on the label. My top 4 recommendations: a high-quality multivitamin, Vitamin D, Omega's, and a probiotic.
-Kirsten McCormick, Running With Forks

The one thing I wish women would do is to put themselves first more often than not. We spend YEARS (myself included) giving up parts of ourselves for the comfort of everybody else - partners, kids, colleagues, friends, and then when we realize our mistake and try to get back those parts of ourselves that we’ve given up, it causes huge rifts in our relationships. People can’t understand now why there’s a power shift when before, they just got their way most of the time. 
We need to ask ourselves in SO many situations, “What do I really want here? What would I want to do if I had my way?” 
Yes, there’s a time to compromise and yes, sometimes our responsibilities mean we can’t always have things our ideal way, but we need to get better at recognizing and communicating what it is we want and need out of our lives. We can’t give up so many parts of ourselves for years on end. 
I think most women realize this later in life, but I wish somebody would have told me this in my teens. Dating, working, and selling my business might have been a little less stressful. 
We have so much power and we fail to utilize it and give it away all over the place. 
This is something some men probably experience too, but I think it’s something women have been conditioned to do forever. Even saying “Put yourself first" (in front of your kids or husbands or jobs) is seen as a selfish move, when it absolutely should
not be. I’m a big user of the “put your oxygen mask on first” statement - in the air and on the ground. 
If I’m not taking care of (most of) my own needs, fuck if anybody else gets any part of me or my time/money/energy.
Ami McMullen, Fit With Flash

Loaded question! So many things. I wish women would know that weight training is the fountain of youth and that every single cell within their body responds positively to it.
Also, I want women to know that there are countless benefits and reasons to exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss. Every body should be moving often and with intention, and weight loss is the least important benefit of it all!
Christina Montalvo, Christina Montalvo

The one thing I wish women would know and do, is to lift weights. Lifting weights is the answer to all their wants and desires. Lifting weights will help them lose body fat. Lifting weights will help them “tone up”. Lifting weights will help them gain confidence, feel strong and enable them to stand in their power. Lifting weights is the answer.
Ellen Trotter, Ellen Trotter Fitness Coach

What I wish women knew (myself included) was that we are all, right now, worthy of love and belonging. 
I think there is so much pervasive messaging telling women how we are problems that need to be solved especially when it comes to our bodies and it's exhausting and causes us to waste so much time and energy on stuff that really doesn't matter or excite us. This is not to say we can't seek growth and change, but doing so from a place of self-acceptance and a deep knowing that we are good, and right, and whole just as we are, rather than feeling like our self-worth is just outside our reach. This is what I hope for women.
-Anna Claussen Williams, Anna Clausen Fitness

I would tell women-Don’t fight your body. Postpartum & aging cause natural changes. It’s not necessarily our fault that culture tells us to “go back in time”, but we have GOT TO EDUCATE ourselves with truth and science. There are certain physical changes that will happen that no matter how hard we try to resist, will win every time. We have to be intuitive and kind and work with our bodies and hormones and changes and not AGAINST them.
-Nicki Wilson, Nicki Wilson

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