Have you ever taken a minute to think about the things you stand for. Your core set of beliefs. The lifestyle you want to live, the type of people and activities you want to surround yourself with, the characteristics you want to embody.

Your “why” for everything you do?

Getting a little whoo-whoo this week, but I think we could all use some whoo-whoo. To remember what it is we’re all about. To bring ourselves back to us, without all the outside noise, distractions, the ‘shoulds” and expectations. A reconnection to the soul.  

It seems like it should be intuitive, right? One of those things that you don’t really need to think about, you just know what you stand for. Good health, being kind, helping others, etc. But could we get even more clear, more specific? Write it all down? Maybe even hang it up somewhere you’d see it every day. That way when faced with any indecision, insecurity, or just any “what the hell am I doing” thoughts, we can focus back on our why.

When we put our energy towards something, we send vibrations that way. And the more we focus on it, the greater those vibrations become. Writing it down, seeing it everyday insures we are sending out these super strong vibrations, to all the right things, into the universe. 

See I told you, whoo whoo. But in the best possible way.

This idea of an “honor code” or “core values” list has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably because I’m experiencing a pretty major life transition with this move. So a few weeks ago I started my list. Here’s what I’ve come up with…so far. Definitely a work in progress. And perhaps some inspiration for you to create your own.  

My Health:

Make nourishing choices for my body, mind, and soul. Recognize when I need to slow down. Honor the changes that will occur to my body.


Make time everyday for daily joys. Acknowledge all the things I have to be grateful for.


Surround myself with things and people that inspire me to be better and do amazing things. Create things that fulfill my purpose in life (still trying to figure out what exactly this is…but I’m getting close!).

Keep Learning and Growing:

Challenge my beliefs. Read everyday. Force myself to get uncomfortable.

Connect with Nature:  

Get outside. Breathe. Hike. Toes in the sand. View the moon.

Here’s to happy, healthy, vibrations.

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