As women, when we start to age, our metabolism slows, lean muscle mass starts to break down, and hormone levels drop. We're told all we need to do is lift some weights in an effort to preserve and gain muscle, reduce stress, and chill out. Sounds easy, right? Except here's what I hear from women all the time, they are too busy caring for everyone else that they neglect themselves. And when they do give themselves some attention, they’re unsure of what to do in the gym AND the kitchen to get results. 

#buildandchill is a 9 week online group coaching program focused on building and preserving lean muscle mass and learning strategies to reduce lifestyle stress. 

I am limiting the group to a max of 10 women, so that we can maintain a high-level coaching and accountability atmosphere for optimal results in 9 weeks. 

What's Included in #buildandchill 

  • 12 workouts to build strength, increase lean muscle mass, lose fat, and increase your metabolism + Custom warm ups and mobility drills for each workout to produce more efficient movement patterns, and reduce daily aches, pains, and stiffness.
  • 2- 20 minute Nutritional consults via the telephone.
  • Weekly stress reducing tools and strategies.
  • Access to a private FB group for support, community, accountability + workout videos.
  • Weekly FB lives focused on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle "lessons"
  • Weekly bonus recipes and mini workouts

For the last couple of years, I had been thinking about how to transition my business to the online fitness space. To be honest though, I had no clue where to begin. So I reached out for help. Help in the form of a business coach and business group. I made the commitment to myself by investing my time and money into my business. Not only have they taught me SO much, but they have held me accountable to get shit done that I say I’m going to do.  


Because here’s the thing. We all need help at times. The accountability. The knowing that we aren’t doing something alone. The support of others on a similar journey. And that’s what you’ll get in this 9 week online group coaching program. Accountability, support, guidance, less stress around food, exercise, and life! The lean muscle mass gain and fat loss are just added bonuses.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences and teaching us that working out should be stress free and fun! And I’m so blessed to now know how to incorporate meditation and gratitude into my daily life. You Rock! Thank you I would do the program again in a heart beat!
— Amy W.
Build and Chill was a great way for me to incorporate weights into my workout routine. Rebecca provided excellent advice on nutrition, stress relief, and overall health. I enjoyed hearing from the other ladies about their progress and I felt accountability being in a group. I liked the flexibility with the workouts in that I could do them on my own time, days of the week, and at home.
— Alice K.
Whether you are just getting started with a strength training program or want to expand on the one you are already doing, Build and Chill is a fantastic way to get started. Not only do you get a professionally designed workout which is easily adapted to your current fitness level, but the videos are very helpful in making sure you maintain proper form. I think it’s an excellent plan for anyone!
— Nancy M.
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How much weight can I expect to lose with #buildandchill? Everyone responds differently to exercise, so it's hard to say exactly. You can however, expect to gain lean muscle mass and lose fat. You'll be more consistent with your workouts. AND learn how to properly recover, reduce stress, and basically #winatlife

How long can I expect the workouts to last? The workouts will generally take 35-40 minutes (this includes a good warm up).

What equipment is needed to do this program? Dumbbells, bands/tubing, weight bench.

Do I need gym access to do this program? No, you can do these workouts at home (with the above equipment) OR in the gym if you'd like.

Is there any individualization in the exercise programming? No, this is a group coaching program so everyone will receive the same workouts. However, I will provide modifications/regressions/progressions of any exercise if needed.

Will there be customized nutrition plans? No, there will however be 2 nutritional consults with me throughout the 9 weeks. We will work on some strategies that are individualized for YOU based on your eating struggles. But no meal plans will be given.  

Any additional questions, email me!

Who is #buildandchill For:

  • Women who need the accountability, support, and motivation in regards to exercise.
  • Women who are willing to put in the work for 9 full weeks.
  • Overly stressed out women who find it hard to put themselves first.
  • Women who want to build lean muscle mass.
  • Beginner-Intermediate fitness levels.

Who is #buildandchill Not For:

  • Women who are looking for a quick fix program.
  • Women who want to work one on one with a trainer. IF this is something you are looking for, I do offer one:one training. Check it out here for more information.
  • Women who want an individualized workout program or meal plan. 

I want to #buildandchill


Awesome! #buildandchill will begin on Monday, January 29th and run through March 31st. 

Spots are limited, enrollment closes at 9pm on Sunday, January 28th. Sign up quickly!



I'm Rebecca, founder of Pure Forme Training. It's my mission to help empower women to love and appreciate their bodies through exercise, food, and learning to chill out! Nothing excites me more than when a client shares with me that they are feeling stronger, clothes are fitting better, or that they looked in the mirror and LOVED when they saw. This is what it's all about.

Health. Strength. Happiness.