When you think of looking and feeling good, you probably immediately think it's just about fitness and nutrition, right?

While those 2 factors are indeed important, there is more to whole body health than just salads and squats. How you live your life, on a day to day basis, has a direct influence on how your body looks and feels. 

Lifestyle habits such as how well you sleep, how stressed out you are, how you spend your day, and even your attitude will absolutely determine how successful you will be in your fat loss/healthy life journey. 

Because I want you to feel the best you possibly can, I’ve created the #daily10: 10 Daily journaling prompts to help you establish the foundation to a healthy and happy life.   

The #daily10 is a free journaling page that you can download, print, and fill in daily. It features prompts that will help keep lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, daily movement, and attitude in focus. Download your free page below:

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I'm Rebecca, founder of Pure Forme Training. It's my mission to help women learn to be tuned in to their bodies, honor their energy, and to chill out. Nothing excites me more than when a client shares with me that they are feeling stronger, clothes are fitting better, or that they looked in the mirror and LOVED when they saw.

Health. Strength. Happiness. That's what it's all about.