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10 Days of Breaking the Sugar Habit and Increasing Your Energy.

Before you start another obligatory New Years diet, consider this: what if instead of completely overhauling your life with an expensive and super restrictive diet, you started with some small implementable steps in reducing your sugar intake? Anyone up for a #sugarshake?

We know that sugar has absolutely no nutritional value. It doesn't nourish our bodies or provide any essential vitamins or minerals. And yet we can't seem to quit the stuff. The cravings are real! We crave it after a meal, when we're tired or stressed, or when we think we "deserve" a treat

Headaches, acne, low energy, bloating, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, poor mood and sleep, and weight gain. All symptoms of eating too much of the sweet stuff. 

The 10 Day Sugar Shake is NOT a cleanse or detox! It's my exact system that I use for reducing sugar from my diet in small, manageable steps.

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What will you receive during the 10 Day #sugarshake?

  • Sweet Cheat Sheet, a PDF with everything you need to know about sugar, including the tools and strategies I use to reduce sugar from my diet. 
  • 5 Sweet strength training dumbbell workouts. No gym membership required, just a set of dumbbells. Workouts are all no longer than 30 minutes, beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Video demos and workouts will be posted in a private FB group.
  • Bonus Access to a Private FB Group, where I'll be teaching super practical tips to help break the sugar habit. And most importantly, you'll have the accountability and support of myself and a group of like-minded sugar shaking women. 

What can you expect after the 10 day #sugarshake?

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced sugar cravings
  • Better sleep
  • Overall feeling of awesomeness

The shake up begins Monday, January 8th and runs through Wednesday, January 17th.

It is FREE to join!

Upon signing up you will automatically receive my signature Sweet Cheat Sheet and access to the FB group

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Hello! I'm Rebecca, founder of Pure Forme Training. It's my mission to help empower women to love and appreciate their bodies through exercise, food, and learning to chill out! Nothing excites me more than when a client shares with me that they are feeling stronger, clothes are fitting better, or that they looked in the mirror and LOVED what they saw. This is what it is all about. Health. Strength. Happiness